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Why Mediation?

Because the most important step you and your partner can make right now is to decide to do everything you can to keep your case our of court.  

When you take your case to court, there is unavoidable damage to your entire family including:

          - Your co-parenting relationship with the other parent

        - Your children, who will become aware of the court proceedings (no mater how much you try to shield them from it) and will be made to feel that they have to choose sides.  

         - Your extended families and friends who now also feel that they must choose sides, drawing a line down your and your children's  lives.

     Litigating your custody case will serve to air out all your grievances about the other party in the most public of forums, but then they will be able to do the same about you - in a room full of strangers.  Then you will hand over the ability to make the most important decision - with whom your child will live - to a stranger, who spends minutes or hours with your family.  

       But there is a BETTER WAY.  We can bring both parents into the office to discuss your children and the custodial arrangement that would best suit the unique needs of those children, along with the logistical circumstances of both parents.  This could be the most important  message that you send your children - even though you choose not to live together anymore that you agree on what is best for them.  They will thank you for it.

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