Sebald Lamborn Family Law: Your Trusted Divorce Attorney

Let Us Help You Navigate the Seperation Process



The decision of whether to file for divorce is never an easy decision to make.  Our philosophy is that the process of getting divorced does not need to be highly contentious.  Where possible, we encourage working together with the opposing party so that a mutually beneficial result can be achieved.

We will help you to come to an amicable resolution to all of the issues that may arise in your divorce.  We will assist you in identifying the assets of the marital estate and outlining a reasonable proposal for settlement of your case.  We will then use the collaborative law process to bring about a settlement of all of your issues, paving the way for the finalization of your divorce.

However, there are times when, despite our best efforts, a swift and amicable resolution is just not possible.  If that is the case, you can rest assured that we will create our case strategy together and, if that includes taking your case to court, then we will work together to make sure that you are fully prepared and ready for what lies ahead.  You can rest assured that you will walk into court with a fierce litigator who will work tirelessly to make sure that you achieve the results you are seeking.