When you're looking for the right representation, you owe it to yourself to find out what makes each firm different from the rest.  

At Sebald Lamborn Family Law, we understand that, even if you are deciding to separate from or divorce your spouse, if you have children together you will always be linked together.  The decisions that are made at this critical time will impact your family for years to come.  The advice that we provide will aimed towards minimizing the impact that your divorce has on your family. 


We pledge that we will always seek to protect your family.  We will never suggest or encourage unreasonable positions in your case that will only serve to drag out your case, alienate your family and drive up your legal costs. 

We take the time to discuss your case with you in depth so that we can get a true understanding of what your goals and priorities are through separation and divorce.  You will never feel as though you are being rushed out of the office or off the phone because we treat each and every client as our most important client.  We understand that through your case there will be many questions and concerns that will come up and we pride ourselves on accessability – so if you have a question you will have peace of mind quickly.

We promise to view your children as the first priority in your case, regardless of whether you are the mother or father or who brings the case into court.  Since you both will be in each other’s lives forever, starting your case off with open lines of amicable communication between you and your spouse will pay off long after your divorce is finalized.