Out of State Custody And Parental Rights Disputes

Q. What if you want to move away with your child to another school district, county or state?

Q. What if your spouse has threatened to move with your child despite your objection?

We can help.

When a child has two parents who do not live together, there are specific rules and guidelines that MUST be followed in order for the relocating parent to be granted permission to do so. In the event that a parent attempts to relocate without following the proper procedure, the court may require that parent to return the child to the area and this may ultimately may lead to an unfavorable result. Don't leave this important matter to chance.

At Sebald Lamborn Law Office, LLC, in Reading, Pennsylvania, e can help you make the best case to be permitted to relocate.

If you are a parent and the other parent has indicated their desire to relocate with your child, we can provide the legal counsel you need in order to prevent this relocation from happening. If you fail to take the proper steps to prevent this relocation, then you custodial rights to your children will be drastically impacted.

We have experience representing clients in interstate and intrastate child custody relocation proceedings.

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