Equitable Division Of Marital Property

Through our knowledge and expertise, Sebald Lamborn Law Office, LLC, in Reading, Pennsylvania, will advise you as to which of your assets is marital property and thereby subject to division in the divorce. We will also advise you as to how much of each asset will be considered a marital asset.

During the years that you and your spouse have been together, there has been marital property and debts that have been acquired. The first step in resolving your case is to identify what those assets and debts are. Once we have the documentation necessary to identify those items, then we can devise a plan for a reasonable division of the assets and debts. We will address:

  • Who keeps the house.
  • Who is responsible for the mortgage on the home.
  • How bank accounts will be divided.
  • How retirement accounts, including pensions and 401(k)s will be divided.
  • Division of personal property, including household goods and furnishings.
  • Who will be responsible for credit card or other debt.
  • Who will be responsible for repayment of personal loans from family members.

In addition to bank accounts, you may also have various other property that will need to be valued in order to determine its net worth. Whether it be a small (or not-so-small) business, pension, stocks, or valuable personal property, we will assist you in getting a definitive answer as to its value. We will then create a plan for proposal of all assets which will be aimed towards achieving your overall goals. Once we arrive at a reasonable proposal for division of these assets, we will work towards reaching a Property Settlement Agreement.

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