Collaborative Law As An Alternative To Litigation

When performed correctly, the collaborative law process resolves divorce and family law issues cordially and with a minimum amount of stress. Since you and your spouse understand your family law circumstances the best, the idea behind collaborative law is to provide you the decision-making authority to make the right decisions rather than provide such authority to the courts.

Sebald LambornAttorney Denise Sebald Lamborn has been providing divorce and visitation, child custody and child support representation for her Berks County clients since 2006 and has an extensive understanding of the practice of family law in Pennsylvania. Most importantly, she knows how to resolve potentially stressful family law issues by locating the right solution for both spouses. Denise is especially adept at resolving differences through alternative dispute methods such as mediation and collaborative divorce.

What Is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law is different from litigation. By design, the collaborative law process is usually less time-consuming than litigation and less expensive. The process allows for both parties to have their say and work toward amicable resolutions of divorce and family law issues.

Though both parties have a right to a lawyer during a collaborative law hearing, such representation is not required. However, as with litigation, a lawyer can provide you guidance and help protect your interests. During a collaborative law hearing, each party and their lawyers meet while discussing options and possible solutions to family law issues. The collaborative law process may not be the idea for every circumstance, however. Each party does need to show a willingness to participate for such a session to be successful.

Denise Sebald Lamborn can help you understand the collaborative law process and advise you on whether it would be best for you. In explaining the process to you, she can also help you understand how this could prove to be an effective method: especially when dealing with disputes that could lead to potential harm for the children.

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