Skilled Resolution Of Child Support Issues

Sebald LambornChild support cases are often complex and concern a wide variety of legal issues. Such issues surround a parent's earning capacity and may revolve around whether the parent is avoiding employment to their full abilities to avoid paying higher child support amounts. Most often, there will be changed circumstances concerning the child that can necessitate revisiting the child support matter. As every family law case is unique, you may require the services of a child support attorney who understands how courts calculate child support payments and who knows how to interpret the many factors that go into child support determinations.

Denise Sebald Lamborn has been a family law lawyer since 2005, and practiced family law in Berks County since 2006. She can thoughtfully guide you through the child support process while making certain you and your child's best interests receive protection.

How Child Support Is Calculated

Every child support decision revolves around what is in the best interest of the child. In Pennsylvania, child support determinations are often decided in support conferences. Our state has in place guidelines that provide courts and support conference officers statistics on what kind of child support payment to order. Unfortunately, judges and support conference officers do not always understand your personal situation. Also, support conference officers may not be lawyers with an understanding regarding what the law is pertaining to child support. Under such circumstances, it is not unusual for the amount ordered to be somewhat arbitrary.

Attorney Denise Sebald Lamborn can represent your interests in such proceedings. She knows how to argue for the correct amount during such proceedings. In the event of an existing child support order, she also understands the process of appealing incorrect determinations.

Lawyer Skilled At Resolving Child Support Disputes

As a good negotiator, Ms. Sebald Lamborn often offers solutions throughout the legal process to resolve child support enforcement issues. She also understands the collaborative law process and the utilization of this alternative dispute resolution method for fostering agreement.

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