Expanding Your Family Through Adoption

Step-Parent Adoption

We can help you if you would like your child to be adopted by his/her step-parent. We will instruct you on the circumstances that will permit such adoptions to take place. And we'll help you through all steps of the adoption process, from filing the initial Petition through the hearing and ultimate issuance of the Adoption Decree.

Third-Party Adoptions

We can assist you in the adoption process if you are a third-party (not a step-parent) to determine if you have the legal ability to adopt a child. If so, we will provide you with guidance from start to finish.

International Adoption

Are you interested in pursuing international adoption? If so, we can help you. Whether the adoption is from a Hague Convention Treaty country or not, we can help you navigate through the red tape involved in adopting a child from another country.

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