Compassionate Family Law Representation

Sebald LambornDivorce and family law disputes sometimes result in couples making mistakes that lead to lasting consequences. Couples going through divorce or involved in custody issues sometimes make hasty decisions leading to lasting consequences. At Sebald Lamborn Law Office, LLC, we provide you the guidance to prevent such mistakes from ever occurring. We work toward solutions that are beneficial to everyone – especially the children.

Our law firm provides advice and services regarding divorce or separation, child custody, child support payments, alimony, preparation of divorce and separation agreements, and post modification of divorce decrees. We also help prospective parents work toward adopting children, including stepparent adoptions, third-party adoptions and international adoptions.

Effective And Affordable Family Law Representation

Family law and divorce matters are often extremely contentious and stressful. We provide all of our clients the support they need and provide reassurances throughout the process.

It's our goal to not waste your time or money when representing you in any family law matter. We do everything we can to efficiently resolve your case with as little contention as possible. We understand the practice of family law in Pennsylvania. Family law attorney Denise Sebald Lamborn can work with opposing counsel and opposing parties to come up with the sort of solution that benefits everyone.

Post-Divorce Modification Of Orders

We routinely help in post-divorce cases. After conclusion of family law matters, changed circumstances sometimes means these orders need revisiting. We understand how modification procedures work, and can strive to modify orders pertaining to child custody and visitation, child support and alimony.

Collaborative Law Solutions For Your Family Law Issues

Those that understand your family's needs most intimately include you and your spouse. However, due to the litigation process, decision-making is often taken away from couples regarding family law issues and put in the hands of family courts.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania allows for resolution of family law issues through collaborative law. Denise Sebald Lamborn has an extensive understanding of the collaborative law process. Such a process allows for you to make determinations regarding important family law decisions instead of the court.

Let An Experienced Family Law Lawyer Help You

You can reach Sebald Lamborn Law Office, LLC, in Reading, Pennsylvania, for a free initial consultation by calling 610-779-3477 or contacting our law firm online. We represent individuals in Exeter Township and all of Berks County.