How We Are Different

At Sebald Lamborn Law Office, LLC, we understand that divorce and family law representation involves much more than going to court. As parents of children, you and your spouse will always be linked together. The decisions the two of you make can permanently impact your family.

We pledge that we will always seek to protect your family. We will never suggest or encourage unreasonable positions in your case that will only serve to drag out your case, alienate your family and drive up your legal costs.

A Family Law Lawyer Who Knows What You Are Going Through

Working as an attorney since 2005 and working in divorce/family law firms since 1996, Denise Sebald Lamborn focuses her practice on family law representation. Denise, a mother of three, worked her way through school to pay for her education.

Setting her apart from other family law attorneys is the fact that she herself has been through the divorce and custody process involving a young child. As a result, not only does she have a vast wealth of experience representing clients, she herself has been in your same situation. This leads to an unparalleled understanding of what you are going through and also the real-world implications of any proposed arrangement. She now balances a blended family involving step-parents, half-siblings and co-parenting so she is the best possible person to navigate you through a process that can be quite unsettling.

Denise Sebald LambornMs. Sebald Lamborn routinely provides family law representation, as well as collaborative law services throughout Berks County. She listens to your concerns and works toward providing the best and most amicable solution. Should negotiations break down, she is a skilled litigator who is always ready to try your case in court in order to get you the best resolution possible.

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Sebald Lamborn Law Office, LLC, is located in Reading, Pennsylvania. Request a free initial consultation with Denise Sebald Lamborn by calling 610-779-3477 or contacting our law firm online.